How Does Anti Aging Longevity Affect Sex?

Aging is an insidious process, slowly affecting the biological process. The fact that the changes occur so slowly, does not change the fact that the changes do indeed occur.In the past, aging has involved many theories as to how this natural phenomenon happens in all human beings. Most theories for aging are based on the wear and tear and the oxidation we see in everyday life. Elderly people, just as well as mechanical devices, many times simply appear to be worn out.Human aging has basically two types.1) The chronological aging simply applies to the number of candles a person has had on their birthday cake.
2) The biological aging is the actual change in your body as you have chronologically aged.No one can make any change to their chronological age, but each individual will have a different level of biological aging.Anti Aging Longevity Science is the process of slowing the biological process of aging. We have now found ways to not only retard aging, but in many cases have been successful in actually reversing the affect of chronological aging.Theories in AgingThere are a number of theories concerning aging. One of the more common theories being accepted today is the fact that aging is inherent in your genes. As the genetic and DNA become better understood, it becomes an important aspect of what one might expect as to their own longevity. Naturally the better one takes care of themselves the closer they will come to achieving their genetically programmed maximum.It has been noted that people under high stress condition age more rapidly than those not being so exposed. It has been shown that stress effects the hormone production of the hypothalamus. Anytime the body’s hormone production is disturbed, the regenerating process will not function properly leading to premature aging.The wear and tear theory on aging problem comes from the observation of mechanical devices that will eventually wear out. This theory does not take into account the body’s capability of repairing itself and the re-growth of living tissue.The free radical theory is the most widely accepted explanation concerning aging. Free radicals or highly reactive body chemicals have been proven to be the main cause of tissue damage. These free radicals have a number of usages in the body, too much of these bodily chemicals however can damage our cells and tissues. These chemicals are in search of extra electrons. This enables them to steal electrons from other molecules. As they continue to do this, they eventually damage our cells in our bodies and create other damaging new chemicals on the process.Effects of Aging on SexWe experience a multitude of changes as we age. These changes can be both psychological and physical. Our sexual vigor is certainly among the things that changes as we grow old. During our youth, we have unbound energy an enthusiasm for this activity. As we age, we tend to lose our desire as well as our ability for sex.Hormonal changes which are normal during the aging process, can significantly affect the levels of our sexual drive. In men, testosterone decreases due to aging and any health conditions. It is similar in women as many studies show that many females sex urge decreases with advancing age.How to Maintain Sexual DriveA most effective way to improve sex drive as you age is to have sex on a regular basis. Just like in keeping your body fit and sound, regular and satisfying sexual performance can really train your body to respond well to sex.Learning the changing psychology of sex as one grows older, can also help you and your partner have a more satisfying sexual relationship. You need to consider your existing medications, stable medical conditions, adequate foreplay, and appropriate positions. Taking these factors into consideration, you will definitely have a more satisfying sexual experience.I was a consulting metallurgist for 20 years. Retired from metallurgy and had a physical therapy practice for 5 years. For the last twenty years I have been involved in natural therapies and anti aging technology.

Anti Aging Herbal Supplement

Skin aging is causing a lot of stress in the youth. This could be due to so many reasons to point out; the main causes may be sun damage, pollution, lack of daily moisture, smoking and genetics. Anti aging skin products are now widely available and this has become a revolution in the cosmetic world. These products bring in your confidence and the boost up your overall look. You can recover from the dull face to all new gorgeous skin within few days. Anti aging skin products prevent the skin aging to a great extend and gives a younger and refreshing look. They reduce the signs of aging. There is a wide range so anti aging skin care products. It is always good to prefer the herbal anti aging pills as they do not cause any side effects.Herbal supplements are formulated from pure herbal extracts that can prevent the aging process. The main ingredient in the herbal supplement is the compound named Resveratol which have the property to retard the process of skin damage and death. Besides the compound had other additional properties like anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory and also reduces the level of blood sugar and profits the cardiovascular system.Herbal supplements work as an anti oxidant and retards the process of aging. Skin cells are continuously undergone stress and worn out. The supplements make the process of cell renewal in a faster phase and always present a healthy and well toned skin. It purifies the blood and gives more strength to the skin cells.As these supplements are herbal products they have minimal side effects and can be taken as 2 capsules daily along with the diet. They have been undergone various test to study the long term and short term side effects of the supplement and have a successful report for no harm full effects on the consumers. Satisfied customers are ordering and recommending the product to others and this shows the effect of the supplement and also the power to stop the anti aging process by the anti aging herbal supplement.

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Nutrition for Swimmers – What to Eat and When!

All children who participate in the sport of swimming can greatly benefit from sports nutrition. As swimming is based on strength, power, endurance and agility, a swimmer can eat a tailored diet based on their training and competition requirements.As well as the benefits an athlete will enjoy from improving their sports nutrition habits, adolescence is also a great time to introduce and reinforce good overall nutritional habits for future years. The promise of an effect on performance and encouragement from significant others, is usually enough for an adolescent to make a change and sustain this.Sports nutrition is not restricted to the competition environment. Ensuring that an athlete consumes the right food and fluid before, during and after training will also help maximise their energy levels, provide them with the fuel that they require, and provide the essential nutrients for growth, development and performance on a day to day basis.Sports nutrition is the principle of tailoring specific food and fluid requirements to an athlete in order to maximise physical performance.It is not just the elite athlete who benefits from sports nutrition. The junior, age group and recreational athlete can improve their overall health and performance by adjusting both what they consume, and when they consume it.Sports nutrition is a rapidly developing field with plenty of research produced every year.While recommended guidelines are available, every athlete is an individual and these guidelines may need to be adjusted.The day to day nutrition that an athlete consumes is referred to as a baseline diet.There is little point in introducing specific sports nutrition strategies if the basic diet of an athlete is poor.Sports nutrition strategies have the most benefit when they are teamed with a well balanced and designed baseline diet.To ensure the adolescent athlete has a balanced baseline diet it is important to understand the concept of energy balance, the food components and how they contribute to the fuel supply, and the role of hydration.Although all athletes have a requirement of energy (measured in kilojoules or calories) for their training and competition needs, adolescent athletes have an additional requirement for growth and development.Adolescence is the period in which maturation occurs and the optimal amount of energy and nutrients must be provided to the adolescent athlete to ensure that their needs are met for growth, development and sporting performance. Without enough total energy, or a deficiency in any number of nutrients, the adolescent will not mature or develop to their maximum height or frame size.Ensuring a balanced diet for the adolescent athlete can be difficult as adolescence is also a period where the individual is gaining more control over what they eat. Children can be very impressionable and may lack the detailed knowledge of nutrition, along with essential skills of cooking and choosing foods.If you would like more information on Nutrition for Swimmers go to

Nutritional Supplements Review – Are They Working for You?

The words nutritional supplements, vitamins and minerals are heard over and over in the newspapers, magazines and TV commercials of this 21st century world. More and more people are aware of their need for daily nutritional supplements. It is true that nutritional supplements are absolutely necessary for our body, because we live in a fast food society and our diet has deteriorated due to over processed food. Also, environmental pollution and soil depletion on the farm makes it impossible to obtain optimal nutrition through diet alone. Let’s review your nutritional supplements and find out if they really are working for you.We need to be aware that nutritional supplement products gradually loose potency and contain less vitamins and/or minerals than when they were manufactured at the factory. A bottle of nutritional supplements has much less value after it sits on the shelf in a drug store or health food store for a long time.Another factor to consider, which is even more perplexing, is that we cannot be sure of what is actually inside the bottle. It is a scary thought that we may be taking pills made of the dry wall material instead of vitamins and minerals. We all remember the fake medicine and pills imported from China which was on the news several months ago.To review if your nutritional supplements are working, examine your health conditions before and after you start taking them. Taking the right nutritional supplement makes you feel different as your body begins responding. Maybe not right away, but within three or four months of consistent usage, you will begin to notice some changes. The following is just a few examples of what we hear from people who are using the right nutritional supplements:o Increased energy and a generally younger feeling.o Much less susceptible to catching a common cold or even the flu.o Reduced symptoms involving pollen and other allergies and even eliminated the runny nose.o Reduced or eliminated asthma symptoms.o Digestive system got stronger and reduced the level of lactose intolerance symptoms.o Reduced pain and inflammation of the joints.If you have been taking a nutritional supplement and are wondering why you are not feeling any better, you can compare your nutritional supplement against others in the marketplace. The “Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements” by Lyle MacWilliam lists over 500 vitamin supplements produced in U.S. and in Canada and compares them using easy to look up bar charts. In this book you can see a graph for each nutritional supplement product. Each bar in the graph represents a single nutrient and shows the percentage of what an optimal level for each nutrient is. It is likely that your nutritional supplements brand is in this book and you can determine for yourself if it meets your expectations in term of quality and expected results.I hope this will help you to review and learn more about your daily nutritional supplements.

Are You Thinking About a Fashion Designer Career?

A fashion designer career is for someone that can design clothing and accessories to match the clothing. You will have to pay attention to the fashion trends and what consumers are looking for. You will have to know how to match colors, the best material to use and how to design the pattern. The project from the idea to the completion of the design is completely overseen by someone that has a fashion designer career.In this field choice you can decide which direction you would like to proceed with. There is footwear, clothes or accessories that you could pick from. If you are really good at fashion design then you could do all three categories.Something to keep in mind is you do not think about a design one day and then a week later it is ready for sale. It is time consuming and there is a process that you will have to follow. You are going to have to know what it is that people are going to want to purchase in the future. This is going to take some time because you are going to have to do some researching. There are a couple different ways you can go about the research. You can look through fashion magazines and do research on line to try and predict if there is a pattern that is being followed. Another way is to look at the trend reports that are out there for everyone to look at. These reports are able to predict what color, materials and even styles might be in demand with the change of the seasons.After the research you are now ready to make your design. Keep in mind there will be cheaper materials purchased in order to see how things will look when put together. There will be a model for placing your design on so you can see what it will look like. Once you feel good about your choices now you are ready to purchase the necessary materials for constructing your design. When you have it all sewn together you have a sample so you can show it to the retail stores. If you can have your item shown at a fashion show this would be the easiest route. The retailers sit in the audience and are able to see the item on models. If they like what they see then they can place an order after the show is all over.Even though this whole thing sounds like a very speedy process, it is not. From start to finish can take a year in a half to two years. That is why it is so important to make sure you are doing research in order to see what might be in demand in the future.If you like making sketches, doing research and seeing your designs come to life then a fashion designer career might be for you. The more popular your designs are the more in demand you will be.

Prepping Up Your Business For Sale

You’ve run that company for decades but now, you’d like to move on and take a new turn in your life. You’re probably thinking of selling that business, and that’s most likely a good thing. If you think you’d like to live a quieter lifestyle, one that won’ t have you waking up and going to bed thinking about labor cases or how to down the newest competition, making that new turn could be the break you’ve always wanted and needed. However, it will not be all that easy. There are preparations you have to make before anyone could think that buying your business is a good move for them.So how do you prepare your business so you can sell it at a good price and to someone who will take care of it just as you did through the years? There are a few points you have to consider for this, but the main one is to give yourself and your company time. The first thing you may even have to consider is whether or not that business is going to fall apart if you were to let go of it. You may have lots of employees under you, but if their functions are too dependent on yours as the chief executive, then it could be time to prep everyone up. That means, you’ll have to start delegating your tasks. That’s if you plan to forge an agreement with the buying party that your employees will be absorbed by the new management. Otherwise, there is no need to do this.Behind the operational level of your business, you also have to get some things straightened out. For example, your financial records should be up-to-date. Remember that good business buyers will always be particular about the record-keeping habits of the company they may consider buying. That means, unless you have kept your records in order such as profit and loss statements, stock value estimates, competitor analysis, etc., you may have problems selling your business. Nobody wants to buy a business that is disorganized to begin with. Apart from making a good impression on a prospective buyer, keeping your financial books in order will also prevent you from getting in trouble with the law.As for setting your price, you’ll also have to do a lot of work for this. Go over your accounting policies and check how they compare with others in the industry. There are policies that depend heavily on tax issues and conservative profit projections, while there are those that depend more on actual results. You should also try to minimize the perks by taking into account how much personal expenditures have been shouldered by the business. All of these have a way of affecting what selling price may be considered fair.

Car Lifts, Truck Lifts, Automotive Lifts & Motorcycle Lifts – How to Choose the Best Type For the Jo

Automotive lifts, including car lifts, truck lifts, or motorcycle lifts, are a vital piece of equipment in any garage. In fact, you can get one for your home garage or commercial repair shop to raise almost anything with wheels, in almost any configuration, but you’ll need to choose wisely. Each model is designed specifically to hold a certain type of vehicle, and if you ignore this fact, it can be dangerous or even deadly.Before you choose one, take some time to get familiar with the many different types of hoists and their features. This will make it easy for you to find the one that works the best for the job you have in mind and keep you safe at the same time.Types Of Car Lifts, Automotive Lifts, Truck Lifts & Motorcycle Lifts
The type of auto lift you need will depend on the vehicle you’ll be working on, how often you’ll use it, where you’ll be using it, and how much space you have available. Once you know that, you can match your needs to one of the available types, which include:o Mechanical Styles — Also called a manual jack, this style raises and lowers with the use of a pedal, handle, pins, screws, or bolts. They are often found in smaller hoists including motorcycle and utility lifts. o Hydraulic Automotive Lifts — This method compresses a special liquid and uses a pump to force it through cylinders. This gives it added safety while making them easy to use.o Electric/Hydraulic Truck & Car Lifts — This style has added stability and security while ensuring the entire system works quickly and smoothly.o In Ground or Pit Models — Best used when space is at a premium and you need convenience, this style sits into the floor allowing you to drive the vehicles on and off. They run on hydraulics or electric/hydraulic systems, so they’re easy, fast and can move a decent amount of weight.o Portable Automotive Lifts — If you travel frequently and need something you can take with you, these smaller versions are hassle-free regardless of the style you choose. o Air Powered Models — Generally reserved for motorcycle lifts and small utility/recreational vehicle lifts, you simply have to hook this style up to an air compressor to raise and lower the hoist.Features Of Each Type Of Car Lift, Automotive Lift, Truck Lift & Motorcycle Lift
Once you know what type of car lifts will work best for you, take a closer look at the details to decide which one would be the best purchase. Automotive lifts for trucks and cars come in several main styles:o Two Post Car Lifts — Great for home garages, this style takes up very little space and comes in two different styles: Symmetrical, which has two posts across from each other to center the weight (better for vehicles heavier in the rear), and asymmetrical, which holds the weight toward the front leaving room to access the interior of the vehicle.o Four Posts Models — With a sturdier build, the four post style remains stable even under a heavier load and make it easy for you to drive the vehicles directly onto it.o Scissor Styles — While unsuitable for permanent storage, they are ideal for a home garage. Both professionals and avid DIYers prefer this style for the increased access to the undercarriage and the ability to hold larger vehicles like buses.o Low-Rise Models– These have a dropped crossbar and low profile to prevent body damage and give you the room you need to work.o Pit Hoists– Whether you have a pit or want to save space, pit style automotive lifts make quick lube and tire rotation a breeze. With no cross bar, you have plenty of room to work. Portable or permanent mount, you decide.When you need to store a vehicle, you need a model with stable and secure construction. Two automotive lifts that are ideal for storage include:o Single Post Car Lifts — Suitable for cars, trucks, boats, and recreational vehicles, this style’s single-armed, wide platform is mounted for long-lasting stability.o Two Post Car Lifts — With no anchoring or mounting, you can double your storage wherever there’s a concrete floor. The sturdy platform safely holds vehicles and keeps the entire undercarriage protected.Larger vehicles like tour buses are tough, but they still require maintenance. Therefore, you’ll need a heavy-duty mobile column truck lift that can handle the weight and give you enough clearance to work comfortably. These easily lift approximately 64,000 pounds in as little as a minute and have added security, locks, and stabilization.If you’ll be doing a lot of alignments, consider a two post, four post, or scissor alignment lift with an open front and clear center. Lawn maintenance and utility vehicles require a special turf equipment lift that will give you space and be fully adjustable to fit almost anything you can park on it.Motorcycle lifts are available in several different styles, but use very little space and are very portable. While some use a pedal, others are air powered, or use a combination of electricity and hydraulics to raise the platforms.Automotive lifts come in all different configurations, and choosing the right one will make a world of difference when it comes to actually doing the repairs. Simply match the right piece of equipment to the right job and you’ll discover just how quick and easy repairs can be.

Overview of the Major Comp Programs

Before we dive into the intricacies of blackjack and poker comps, I thought it might be a good idea to take a quick crash course on comp programs.

Thanks to the corporate conglomeration that has dominated the casino industry in recent years, most gamblers have two major comp programs to choose from – M Life and Total Rewards.

The M Life program is operated by MGM Resorts International, while Total Rewards is a product of Caesars Entertainment.

If you enjoy visiting sunny Las Vegas for a stroll along the Strip, chances are good you’ll wind up in a casino owned by one of these behemoths. And I’m not talking about the MGM Grand or Caesars Palace flagship properties, as the two companies own dozens of casinos between them.

Check out the list below for a full accounting of MGM-owned properties on the Strip where the M Life card is used to track and distribute comps:

ARIA Las Vegas
Bellagio Las Vegas
Excalibur Hotel and Casino
Luxor Las Vegas
Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino
MGM Grand Las Vegas
The Mirage Las Vegas
Monte Carlo Resort and Casino
New York New York Hotel and Casino
And below, you’ll find the Caesars-owned casinos on the Strip where the Total Rewards card is accepted:

Bally’s Las Vegas
Caesars Palace
The Cromwell Las Vegas
Flamingo Las Vegas
Harrah’s Las Vegas
The LINQ Las Vegas
Paris Las Vegas
Planet Hollywood Las Vegas
Rio All Suite Hotel & Casino
Expanding the scope outside of Sin City, these are the MGM-brand casinos worldwide where M Life membership is accepted:

Beau Rivage – (Biloxi, Mississippi)
Borgata – (Atlantic City, New Jersey)
The Water Club – (Atlantic City, New Jersey)
Gold Strike Casino Resort – (Tunica Resorts, Mississippi)
Grand Victoria – (Elgin, Illinois)
MGM Grand Detroit – (Detroit, Michigan)
MGM National Harbor – (National Harbor, Maryland)
MGM Springfield – (Springfield, Massachusetts)
MGM Grand Sanya – (Sanya, Hainan, China)
MGM Macau – (Macau, China)
Bellagio Shanghai – (Shanghai, China)
And finally, take a look below for the full list of Caesars-owned casinos worldwide where Total Rewards membership is accepted:

Bally’s Atlantic City – (Atlantic City, NJ)
Caesars Atlantic City – (Atlantic City, NJ)
Caesars Windsor – (Windsor, Ontario, CA)
Harrah’s Ak-Chin Casino – (Phoenix, AZ)
Harrah’s Atlantic City – (Atlantic City, NJ)
Harrah’s Cherokee – (Cherokee, NC)
Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River – (Cherokee, NC)
Harrah’s Council Bluffs – (Council Bluffs, IA)
Harrah’s Gulf Coast – (Biloxi, MS)
Harrah’s Joliet – (Joliet, IL)
Harrah’s Lake Tahoe – (Lake Tahoe, NV)
Harrah’s Laughlin – (Laughlin, NV)
Harrah’s Louisiana Downs – (Bossier City, LA)
Harrah’s Metropolis – (Metropolis, IL)
Harrah’s New Orleans – (New Orleans, LA)
Harrah’s North Kansas City – (North Kansas City, MO)
Harrah’s Philadelphia – (Philadelphia, PA)
Harrah’s Reno – (Reno, NV)
Harrah’s Resort Southern California – (Valley Center, CA)
Harvey’s Lake Tahoe – (Lake Tahoe, NV)
Horseshoe Casino Baltimore – (Baltimore, MD)
Horseshoe Bossier City – (Bossier City, LA)
Horseshoe Council Bluffs – (Council Bluffs, IA)
Horseshoe Hammond – (Hammond, IN)
Horseshoe Casino Tunica – (Tunica, MS)
Horseshoe Southern Indiana – (Elizabeth, IN)
Tunica Roadhouse – (Tunica, MS)
Along with these titans of the gambling industry, you’ll also come across a few smaller casino chains like Boyd Gaming or Stations. And of course, the over 400 tribal casinos operated on reservation land nationwide have their own in-house players club cards.

These smaller casinos tend to model their comp system after the big boys, however, so I’ll stick with M Life and Total Rewards going forward for the sake of clarity.

For both of these programs, you’ll also have two main forms of comp credits to work with – base points and tier points.

A base point equates to $0.01, so you’ll need to score 100 of them to add $1 to your comp account. Base points effectively serve as cash in an affiliated casino, so you can use your accumulated points to purchase that morning latte or some headphones from the gift shop.

A tier point doesn’t have cash value per se, but these points are how you climb through the ranks of either M Life or Total Rewards. You can visit the overview pages for each program that I linked to above to learn about the various tiers used in each. But put simply, accumulating tier points grants you access to a higher tier in the program, which in turn unlocks additional perks. Think priority access at the cashier’s cage line, free valet and parking, tickets to the in-house show, and even free rooms.

Now that you know who is handling your comps and where the players club cards in your wallet are accepted, let’s see exactly how they work for both blackjack and poker.